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Bypassing Android Anti-Emulation [Updated]




Please read and follow the instructions for this to be successful. Please be aware that this requires jailbreaking to be done successfully and there is a risk. Use at your own risk and I am in no way responsible for your actions. Introduction When you jailbreak your device to install cracked apps, you gain access to a whole new world of functionality. If you want to take the advantages of this world, it's important to know what your device is actually doing when it performs a certain action. If you don't know what an app is actually doing, then it's not safe to run it. For instance, it's safe to run the Netflix app on your phone as it runs in the same sandbox as the browser. However, it's not safe to run the TomTom app as it changes your system settings and also is a privacy risk. Android also implements a few protections to make sure that apps don't use system resources or software components that are not the app's own. For example, apps can't access hardware or access system storage to read files, communicate with the internet, etc. There are a few more security measures that prevent apps from doing these things. There is also a whitelist and blacklist system that prevents the apps from accessing these permissions or requesting permissions. This whitelist and blacklist system is a process that Android calls anti-emulation. There are two items in the blacklist and they are: libstagefright libnativehelper If these items are present on the device, then you can't install emulators on the device. You can bypass the anti-emulation process, but it is not a guaranteed method and will only work on a few devices. I'll be talking about the process and a tool that is capable of bypassing these anti-emulation measures. I will be using the code from what is called Play Store, because it is the only way to install cracked apps without them crashing and force closing. Environment The process is going to be done with an Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow device. And the tool used to decompile the app will be JD-GUI. Also, to make sure that it works on all devices, I'll be using the same device. JD-GUI is not the only decompiler for Android. There is other options such as Dex2Jar or IDA Pro. I chose JD-GUI as it's the most user



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Bypassing Android Anti-Emulation [Updated]

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