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[malvado ]" "Yes, that's enough." "We're done." "[cheering ]" "That's quite an arm." "Yeah." "Ajax and i have been training for a long time." "Yeah." "You'd better get me ready for this match." "You know how to do that?" "Where's the ref?" "The ref is" "Inside his head, hiding." "What?" "The referee inside your head?" "Yeah." "Sounds dumb." "It's a cool idea." "You just make sure he's ready for this match." "I will." "Ready?" "Yeah." "One..." "Two..." "Three..." "Five..." "Six." "Three..." "Two..." "One!" "Ohh!" "The helmet's not on." "The ref's just gone." "This is gonna take forever." "Can we have a little chat?" "Oh, so you're gonna talk." "Very well." "Do you know why I got you this match?" "Because I'm the best ref in the world?" "No." "Because you're me." "And, kid, I'm the best ref in the world." "I am." "With me, you'll have a chance to prove it." "Prove it?" "I don't need you to prove anything to me, because I'm me." "That's why I'm so good." "Just be honest." "Be professional." "Treat it like a job." "And when you do, you'll have a chance to show the world what I've always known." "What's that?" "You're a great ref." "Yeah, I am." "And you're not?" "I don't know." "Yes." "You know what I think?" "You're scared of what you're gonna do with your life." "You're scared of having an effect on people." "That's all right." "That's a normal thing." "But you need to know something." "This is the face of a ref that has seen his best years." "You see?" "Now look at me." "I got years." "I got years, kid." "Yes, you do." "But I'm still standing." "Because that's what refs do." "They stand." "It's what we do." "That's it." "Now you go back out there and you do your job, kid." "Show




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KALEIDO STELLA Download] [hacked]

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